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Rules & Regulation (Students and Parents Must Read before Sign. on it)

Clause I Student must be regular and punctual in attendance of the classes, assignment submission, Practice session, Movie sessions, Activity and examination.

Clause II Student will not be allowed to sit for the examination for lack of satisfactory progress, regularity conduct and attendance. Hence he/she will not be certified.

Clause III Students are expected to maintain strict discipline within and outside of classroom, workshop, labs and where ever Institute is concern. He/She has to observe the rules prescribed from time to time.

Clause IV Students will not handle or displace any of the model, equipment, books or property of Institute except with the permission of the Centre-Head.

Clause V Any student causing damage to the property of Institute will be held responsible and be fined for the same.

Clause VI Everything produced in the institute or using institute material remains the property of the Institute.

Clause VII Students may not bring any foods. Snacks or drinks into the computer labs. (Including Chewing gum also)

Clause VIII Nobody is allowed to install, copy or internet surfing without prior permission of Network Administrator.

Clause IX Mobile Handset must be switched off/muted during the class hours. If student answer the mobile during the class instructor has right to ask student to leave the class.

Clause X Students are requested to fill daily attendance sheet and check feedback report. If there is any problem inform it to admin immediately.

Clause XI Music Players, Entertainment Magazines, and all articles which are not relevant to course/class are not allowed to use.

Clause XII Instalments to be paid by 10th of every month. In case students pays between 11th to 15th he has to pay additional Rs. 100/- per day delay. If he/she pays after 16th to 25th has to pay Rs. 200 per day, beyond 25th day of the month student would be barred from attending classes and would be readmitted after payment of Rs. 2000/- as readmission fee.

Clause XIII In case cheque given by the student is returned by the banker, student has to pay penalty of Rs. 500/-

Clause XIV All assignments, examination and project conducted by Institute are compulsory.

Clause XV Institute has right to change course content software wise o module wise in keeping with prevailing trends. Decision of the Institute is final and binding for the students.

Clause XVI In case of student wish to discontinue the course he/she has to pay full fees of the course.

Clause XVII Once admission is taken NO REFUND would be given to the student whatever cause may be.

Clause XVIII Extra Curricular activities are compulsory to the students which will be provided by Institute FREE or PAID.

Clause XIX Institute reserves right to postpone or reschedule the classes due to unforeseen circumstances.

Clause XX The policies of the Institute are subject to change without prior notice.

Clause XXI Students are responsible to back up their own data. Backup must take time to time.

Clause XXII Any Education loan sanctioned by any bank to the student is binding upon student only and is agreement between the bank and student only. Institute shall not be liable to pay refund to the student due to in-completion of the course.

Clause XXIII In situations like pandemic/Natural calamities rules may be changed, so that smooth functioning of the college is our first priority.

Clause XXIV Student has to participate in monthly evaluations and parent will receive their pupils progress report on their mail ID/Whatapp messanger.

Clause XXV Students must observe code of conduct. Misbehaviour with any member of the staff or faculty might lead to immediate suspension for the period or permanently. In this case students has to pay full fees of the course and NO refund will be applicable.