We have designed and developed our syllabus as per futuristic need of Industry, Which meets with international standard. Our Syllabus is more careers focused and full of most advanced syllabus

Teaching Method

Not only theoretical and practical but mostly activity based teaching method which gives you more experience, Unique teaching method developed by our expert, Interactive evaluation system between student and trainer, 100% personal attention.


Well Trained, Competent, Certified & Experienced Faculties with best teaching abilities


In SRAJAN student get Degree certificate from UGC recognized University. Diploma certificate is awarded by Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Education Examination, For International Programs International Accreditation Organization (IAO), USA accredited college certificate is given. Most important SRAJAN gave opportunity to appear International Certification Exam at no extra cost to every students where you get certificates from Adobe and Autodesk.


Well Trained, Competent, Certified & Experienced Faculties with best teaching abilities

Personal Attention

Center is being pragmatic student teachers ratio; Each student is ensured Personal Attention


With Industry Experts, On Various interesting subjects, On Entrepreneurship


Lockers for students, Fully air conditioned Classrooms, Private Auditorium, Full HD Camera with Tripod, High resolution Projector, State of art infrastructure for comfort, Light box for traditional animation, Air conditioned practice lab, High speed internet connection, Audio-Video teaching aids, Plasma/LED TV for Classrooms, Library equipped with latest books and digital books, special rendering machines, Students room.


Annual Gathering, Academic Activities, Days Celebrations, Competitions, University Cultural and Sport meet, Project Works, Exhibitions, Presentation of Student works, Educational trips, Studio visit, Picnics, Market Survey, and lot more

Open House

Unique method where we listen to every student, Discuss their problems directly with Director.


Just because of Unique Method of teaching and content of Syllabus we have done 100% placement till today. We are committed to provide 100% support for student's career.

Limited Seats

Total admission and number of students in each class are limited and SRAJAN follows it very strictly.

Differ than others

We believe that with skill development education must be productive. To make our student more productive we conduct many things like working on in house projects, some productive work, working experience in Modular Furniture Factory for interior students and much more

Animation Course

Animation industry across the world has continued to grow at a rapid pace. In India too, despite its late entry, the animation industry is on the path of expansion and ready to experience a prolonged period of boom. What is more exciting is the fact that this industry would give employment to thousands of prospective 2D and 3D animators every year. This boom is further going to be fuelled by outsourcing of animation project work by various animation giants in the world to India. The field of animation is sometimes misunderstood with cartooning. Animation is need of every industry. it is widely used by automobile, medical, architecture, interior, mechanical, education and all other industry. On the other hand, animation is the art of breathing life into these character and presentation of your visuals. Animation is the art with which inanimate objects are brought to life with help of various modern computer based techniques. Even Game designing is one type of Animation. Animation has its own potential for the career in term of job, business and freelancing.

Visual effects - Post production

Visual effects industry in India has very optimistic future, not only with film industry in UK and US and gaming companies who are looking for talented, young and enthusiastic workforce, but also with in the country as it has its own huge film and media industry. As a general public expects films and other media to become more sophisticated, more animation and visual effects artist are needed. Just remember the films Raa-one, Robot, Bajirao-Mastani and latest one Bahubali - we can all new movies and advertisements uses vfx. Post production and Visual effects means process of beautification of each Video. i.e. Live action or Animated. Possibilities of pre-visualization enable directors to envisage their concepts and ideas on the set. However the area of animation and visual effects is always on the move with new techniques and equipment being produced almost daily. All because of this Post-Production-Vfx gives lot of career opportunities. You can choose from job, business and freelancing.

Web Design

Web Designing is promising career opportunity which displays immense scope for interested candidates. In India, one of the biggest industry, which provides a prospective scope for Web Designing as a career opportunity is the IT or the software industry. Clients interested in getting their online presence established are approaching the software giants to get their web site designed. Therefore, the software stalwarts recruit professionals who would be sufficiently qualified in executing the deliverables in their internal projects which have a distinct flavor of their own as it provides the opportunity for designers to interact with major company stakeholders who run these internal initiatives. Web designers are also required in the Media Industry like news or advertising agencies or even in the education industry developing educational websites or e-learning material for students.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the process of Visual Communication which combines words, images and ideas to present the information to the audience. The graphic designer is specialist in solving the problems associated with visual communication. The qualified graphic designers have the skills in Drawing, Layout, Typography, Lettering, Diagramming and photography. Art has merged with science and this fantastic relationship has produced tremendous scope in graphic designing as a form of applied art. Pictures are the most effective means of communication and graphic design implies this wonderfully well. They develop the layout and production design of newspapers, magazines, corporate reports, journals and other publications. They also create the promotional displays; marketing brouchers for services and products, packaging, design distinctive logos for businesses and products. Due to tremendous growth of the media industry and excellent employment options are available in the field of Graphic Design.

Interior Design

Interior Design is not new for us. As all our lives we have been organizing and designing places around us. Interior designing is basically shaping a look of an area to create pleasing aesthetic for the client. This is partly due to very diverse nature of the design world and its liking for self-employment, but also because this is a creative industry. The basic job of Interior Designer is to make optimal utilization of available space. To a large extent, Interior Designer must make their career initiative, ambition and individual skill and creativity are the keys to success. Over the years this field has become more specialized and employers give more importance to academic and professional background. In fact it is one of the professions where one can operate from the home with minimum investment. In the era of Computer; Computer Aided Designs and 3D elevation –walkthrough have added new opportunities of career.